Walk Downtown Sacramento
Our neighborhood is full of historic and fascinating buildings. Here are a few.
Stanford Mansion  800 N Street

Now a State Park, this building has a fascinating history as the home of Stanford University founder and California's Eighth governor, Leland Stanford, as the official Governor's Residence and Office,  and as an orphanage and children's home. 


Check out the beautiful Sutter Club a block north on Capitol Mall and the Treasurer and Appellate buildings west of the Capitol, all within a couple blocks.

     Heilbron House        704 O Street          

Another historic home with a fascinating history as a restaurant, bank, art gallery and now an office of the State Parks Department. This is the home that could not be moved to accommodate the new State Resources Building.


The mansion is nestled amongst some fascinating state buildings, old to very new. 

   R Street Corridor Starting 3rd Street     

R Street was part of Sacramento's original 1848 street grid and quickly became the site of California's first rail line. The historic warehouses and light industry buildings are now a fascinating residential and business district. 


From a walking standpoint, R Street is a great street to walk in the winter when sun feels nice. R Street (and nearby) is the home of many great street murals.

Heilbronn Mansion and CA Resourses Bldg