Walk Downtown Sacramento

SO, where can I get coffee/food/drinks downtown on the weekend?

These eateries in our neighborhood are open for business. Everything from a quiet cup of coffee to a multi-course dinner!

Consult the map for zones.

       B=Breakfasttime • L=Lunchtime         D=Dinnertime • E=Evening after dinner  

Follow the links for exact hours and other details.

Zone 1: K and L

DOCO and Old Sac

DOCO  BLDE Both Days

Old Sac BLDE Both Days

K Street

Solomons BL Both Days

Midici Pizza LDE Both Days

Koja Kitchen LDE Both Days

The Boiling Crab LDE Both Days

Oishii Sushi  DE Sat

Brasserie du Monde LD Sat, L Sun

Ella  DE Sat

Mayahuel  LDE Sa, LD Su

Osaka Sushi LDE Both

L Street

7th Street Standard  BLD Both

Clayton Club  E Both Days

Frank Fats DE Both Days 

Starbucks  BL Both Days

Zone 2: Capitol, N and O 

Up to 9th 

Panera  LD Both Days

OMG Cucina  LD Sat

Il Fornaio D Both Days

Mortons  D Both Days

Camden Spit and Larder  D Sat

South of the Capitol

Pizza Supreme Being LD Both

Cap City Squeeze BL Sat

Tablevine  D Sat

Dragon House LD Sat

Zone 3: P, Q, R, S, T 

West of 10th

Vallejo's  BLD Both Days

Coconut on T  LD Sat

Bueno Cafe BL Both Days

Around 10th

Betty's Wine Bar LD Both Days

Roc n Soul Diner  BLD Both Days

Fox and Goose  BLD Both Days

Plant Power BLD Both Days

Camellia Coffee  BL Both Days

Fish Face Poke Bar  LD Both Days

Bottle and Barlow  DE Saturday

Roots of Happiness LDE Both

Thai Time LDE Both

Around 15th

Majka Pizzeria  LD Both

Iron Horse BLD Both Days

Mas Taco Bar  LD Both Days

Burgers n Brew LD Both Days

Bawk Fried Chicken LD Both Days

Urban Roots Brew   LD Both Days

Mochinut LDE Both Days

Shady Lady B Both Days

Dad's Sandwiches LD Both Days

The Roost E Sat, Afternoon Sun

Zone 4: U to Broadway

Southside Super BL Both Days

Urban Roots  LDE Both Days

Sellands   LD Both Days

Thai Farm House LD Both Days

Jamies   LD Sat

Izakaya Binchoyaki LD Sat

Please send me comments, additions, corrections, etc. and I will update the lists. 

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